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buy discount printed wove...
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cheap Hi vis bands
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paper cup sleeve in stock
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china cnc machining shop ...
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spray dryer efficiency Ch...
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solar energy PCBA supplie...
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sheet metal stamping pres...
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jib crane
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TV Lifts Manufacturer
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Stained Glass Window manu...
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  buy discount printed woven bag
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

flower design pp woven shopper bag
handle:pp webbing
Printing :CMYK
pcs/package : 12 pcs/bial .144 pcs/package
size :60*70*30cm
Lower price ,high quality .buy discount printed woven bag

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  cheap Hi vis bands
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

Ankles Wrists Arms Reflective Bands for Running, Cycling, Walking, or Hiking
The bands are 13.5 inches long with one Velcro strip measuring 5 inches long. This extra-long Velcro strip allows these bands to be adjusted to fit ankles and wrists with diameters between 7 to 12 inches. They can be adjusted to fit snug or loose depending upon personal preference. The bands also work well over clothing and can double as a reflective pant strap for cyclist. Larger/muscular individuals can combine two bands to form one large band for a bicep fit. This technique also works well when desiring to use these bands during winter months while wearing thicker clothing. When using this technique I would recommend putting the bands together first and then sliding them on like a sleeve.
Any question about our fluorescent reflective vest.please send your inquiry details in the below,click "send" now, we will reply to in time.
1.Manufacturer & trading company
2.10-year export trading experience
3.Low MOQ
4.good quality, competitive price, outstanding Service, delivery on time
5.EN ISO 20417: 2013, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, OEKO-TEX 100 etc certified
6.R&D team with continuous develop new products
Q:Are the materials safe? Any test for them?
Yes, they are. We use the safe materials base on EN ISO 20417: 2013, CE, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010
Q: Are you a direct manufacturer?
Yes, we are an experienced manufacturer with 8 years history.
Q: Do you have QC management system?
Yes, we have IQC( Incoming Quality Control) PQC(Producing Quality Control), IPQC(Input Process
Quality Control), LQC(Line Quality Control) and FQC(Final Quality Control).
Q: Can we buy samples and bulk orders in Alibaba?
Yes, you can. Just click the option of Start Order.cheap Hi vis bands

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  paper cup sleeve in stock
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

Company information
Established in 2015.
Management with 40 years experience in packaging & disposables, 20 years in sourcing Asian manufacturers.
Office + warehouse in Hangzhou, China
Business concept – Sales
Offer a competitive range of disposables and packaging.
Direct from manufacturers to wholesalers and big consumers in the world.
Small and flexible organization, with focus on sales, customer support and technical information solutions.
Co-operation/partnership together with a strategic choice of local wholesalers.
Business concept – Purchase
Search competitive groups of products and establish contacts with manufacturers in Asia, through comprehension of culture and tradition.
Build up significant trade volume, with focus on growth and profitability, together with a limited number of manufacturers.
Create long-term relationships and forecast orders for delivery by container direct to warehouse.
Focus on contacts with manufacturers, knowledge of language, logistics, product development and quality control.
All products are packed in neutral polybags/boxes/outer cartons and are normally produced to order which makes individual specifications possible, as bulk pack, consumer pack or individual pack.
Products are marked/labeled with article no, specification in English, symbol for food-contact with glass/fork and barcode (GTIN).
13-digits barcode (EAN-13) on inner bags/boxes and 14-digits (ITF-14) barcode on outer cartons, which make sales to stores, cash-carry etc possible.
Code of conduct (extract)
Hangzhou Tic Tac Packaging Products Co., LTD is a commercial and trading company dealing in disposables and packaging. Appreciative of cultural values and traditions, the company primarily represents Asian producers.
Tic Tac Packaging has created a strategic network of diverse interested parties using a business concept based on simplicity, flexibility and accessibility.
Tic Tac Packaging is to reduce global distances by offering an attractive line of competitive products without compromising on quality, product demands, working conditions, employee rights or protection of the environment.
The Tic Tac Packaging Code of Conduct describes the requirements and expectations we impose on ourselves as well as on our suppliers and their subcontractors.
We expect suppliers to respect the requirements and principles laid out in this Code of Conduct and to actively strive to implement these principles in their own operations.paper cup sleeve in stock

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  china cnc machining shop suppliers
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

Turn your papers into parts from 1-100,000 pcs  !
Molto group invests in high tech CNC machines like Mitsubishi multi axis CNC centers (3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers), lathes, EDM/Wire EDM, Grinders and much more, which will ensure each tight tolerance precisely in products. CNC precision machining is fast turnaround, economical and accurate to meet a range of your product development needs. We use precision machining not only to manufacture parts and prototypes but also to make mold tools for injection molding and die casting. At Molto, our project engineers and machinists will always beside you to optimize time, surface finish, final tolerance to find out the best solution for you.
Rapid manufacturing
Molto focus on CNC prototypes including plastic and metal prototypes. We have acquired a great deal of experience in medical machining, aerospace machining, automotive machining, micro machining and large machining for complex parts. Molto is able to provide precision machining service for mold and mold components casting parts, volume sheet metal and extrusion parts. Molto inspects all input raw material to guarantee it is real. Our experts will assist you to make out the best material for your cost, weight and engineering application needs.
Surface finish service
Our engineers are dedicated to providing you with the perfect appearance of prototypes and volume products. Our abundant surface finish art can not only meet your appearance needs, but also meet the specified  performance requirements. You can choose from anodizing, polishing, passivating, chrome plating, laser engraving, brushing, powder coated, heat treatment and much much more.
Mirror Polishing –polish process to achieve smooth, bright mirror-like surface. Mirror polished includes mechanical mirror polishing and chemical mirror polishing, the product surface is as smooth as the mirror, which can reach Ra0.2 or below.
Anodizing –produce a layer of oxide film on surface for protection, decorative and other features. A lot of colors are availble in anodizing, most common colors are natural and black. We can custom your favorite color if you provide the color NO. in RAL chart.
Sanding–Blast sand on product surface by jet high-speed to obtain a certain degree cleanliness and roughness, and improve mechanical properties.
Powder Coat–Powder is coated on the product surface by discharge phenomenon. Powder is dispersed under high voltage through the electric field and coated on the product surface. Our powder coating service is environmental, anti-heat and anti-shake.
Painting – Spray layers of paint on the product and dry it with high temperature. You can according to RAL card or Pantone color chart to customize any of your favorite colors.
Quality inspection & testing
Making precise parts need well-controlled processing with excellent inspection tools and equipment. Molto has measuring and testing equipment onsite to qualify incoming materials, modern laboratory can guarantee that your products can really meet the specifications.
Design review when quoting
Contract review with PO
Incoming materials inspection
In-process inspection
Output final inspection and testingchina cnc machining shop suppliers

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  spray dryer efficiency China
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

About Us
Wuxi Sundry Engineering Co., ltd specializes in manufacturing of mills, Dryer , mixers, blenders, membrane filtration, production system lines as well as undertaking the project construction EPC General Contractor for related industries. We provide extensive service for industries such as food, medicine, building materials, feedstuff, metallurgy, pesticides, , detergents, lubricants, lithium battery slurry, dyeing and textile auxiliaries etc. Our products and service are well received by more than 600 customers from over 20 countries around all over the world.
Sundry Engineering Factory
Qualification Certificate
Processing Equipmentspray dryer efficiency China

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  solar energy PCBA supplier
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

FASTPCBA Technology Co., Ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 14 years of development, FASPCBA turns into a first class manufacturer of HDI PCB, with production capability 35,000 square meters. FASTPCBA is providing high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service,including components sourcing, function test,conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world, Our main market isEurope, north USA, Australia, South America, and Asia.
We have profuse experience in manufacturing PCB. Fastpcba PCB daily capacity is 1200 square meters, we can deliver the Single sided, Double sided PCB sample within 24 hours, 4-8 layer PCB in 3-5 working days,for the batch quantity for double side PCB,The lead time is 3-5 working days, 4-8 layers is 5-8 days. The quick and fast lead time stably ensures our customer of quick research speed to occupying the market. We have imported the advanced machinery from US,Japan,German and Israel to improve our production and technical ability.We have set a great example the PCB field of flying probe testing,buried and blind via and special controlled impedance.We have a highly developed R&D division which has helped our factory successfully produce mechanical micro via,high density impedance and HDI.solar energy PCBA supplier

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  sheet metal stamping press factory
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

Max die heightmm6006506507006507007007501000105010001050
Slide adjustmentmm150200200250250250
Bottom of slidemm2800*13003100*14003600*14003800*16004600*18005000*1800
Side openingmm850*600950*6501000*7001100*8001200*9001200*900
Die cushionTon607080808080
High Accuracy
Designed by computer analysis, this machine guarantees a high level of accuracy even after long periods of use.
- Broad working space
- Satety for working & Convenience for use
- Suitability for automatization & Rationalization
Find excellent quality H frame double crank press from one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers - Yiduan Precision Machinery. Leveraging on advanced equipment and superior techniques, we can offer you customized H frame double crank press with high accuracy, fast response, reliable performance and long lifespan. Welcome to buy or wholesale equipment from our professional factory and check the price and quotation with us.sheet metal stamping press factory

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  jib crane
Napisane przez: SMvqL520 - 6 godzin(y) temu - Forum: Zapytaj Deana - Brak odpowiedzi

Company Information
Dowellcrane Machinery Group is a China-leading group of crane businesses which was founded in 1955, Only one company has 60years manufacture experience. And serving a broad range of customers all over the world to provide a complete set of advanced lifting project, including Gantry crane, Bridge crane, Jib crane, Accessory. Our clients include manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and so on. Regardless of your lifting needs, dowellcrane Machinery Group is committed to providing you with lifting equipment and services that increase the effectiveness and value of your business.
●Dowellcrane Machinery Group have already obtained the CCC、CE、BV、SGS、ISO OHSAS certification's and have won over 60 honors.
●China's leading mechanical research and design institute and famous university provides advanced technical support for us.
●Serviced for more than 5000 companies, and the products popular in more than 40 countries.
●Through decades of unremitting efforts, now, dowellcrane Machinery Group covers an area of 180,000 square meters and over 380 sets of advanced equipments. Management staff reach to 860, and our worker have more than 10000. jib crane

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  TV Lifts Manufacturer
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Motorized TV Lift
TV SIZESuitable linear
actuaorr strokeStandard
Load CapacityStandard Speed
Motorized TV Lift is a new type of linear lift actuator composed of the motor, putter and control devices, chassis and other components. It adopts the synchronous orbit lifting principle. It runs smoothly with small noise. It is easy to install, nice and modern. It is the ideal device for modern advanced video conferencing systems. With the controller, you can achieve any height adjustment to meet the needs of the height of TV.
Synchronous machine with electro-magnetic brake, 60W 180V~240V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ
Lifting up & down in a close way
Loading capacity: 75KG
Material: High quality steel, modern design and excelent quality.
Traveling with double orbits,moving smoothly and quietly
Control Methods Manual control & Wireless Remote Control RF; able to penetrate wood to
receive the signal within radius 20m
Suitable for plasma TV from 22 to 60inch
Travel Length: 400/450/500/600/700/750/800mmTV Lifts Manufacturer

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  Stained Glass Window manufacturers
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Product introduction of the glass window tiles
1. The glass window tiles is a kind of decorative glass for windows, the glass window can fully allow the light to pass through and on the other hand, can limit or prevent clear view effectively. We are focus on art stained glass mosaic since 2006. Weather your project is for church or commercial, we can provide the beauty design and product to you.

Specification of the glass window tiles
Item No.4018A-A
MaterialStained glass
Sheet sizecustomized
ColorAny color
PackingPlywood Pallets
Application of the glass window tiles:
It’s used for residential, hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries, shopping malls, exhibition hall.

Deliver, shipping and Serving of the glass window tiles:
We offer:
1. For all your inquires about us or our products, we will reply you in detail within 24 hours
2. Patiently advise you to choose the most suitable mosaic for you.
3. Special dimension is available according to request.
1. What is your quality guarantee?
Firstly, we use good glass, then we 're producing as standard.
We have 5 times quality control in producing process and package, have a professional inspector in English labels and barcode checking.

2.Can I get a door to door service? or can I get the tiles delivered to my door?
Yes, we offer delivery to your door service, which makes your work easy.

3.Can I come to visit your factory?
Sure,we warm you are welcome any time if you are free

Our Team:Stained Glass Window manufacturers

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