jam filling machine
Water system,dissolving tank, blending tank, degasser, homogenizer,sterilizer, doypack filling machine,autoclave sterilizer,conveyor,drying machine,control system and a set of filling and packing line.
Available supply capacity from 3.000bags/h to 60.000 bags/h. clave sterilizer,conveyor,drying machine,control system and a set of filling and packing line.
Juice (pulp), concentrated fruit juice (sauce), jam, ketchup, nutrition and other liquid products or high concentration product. f filling and packing line.
1.Using Siemens PLC with touch screen HMI control system.
2.Frequency control. Speed can be adjusted freely in specified range.
3.Automatic detection.There is no feeding and no hot sealing if bag is not open or even not open completely, and these bags can be reused in order to save production cost.
4.Safety device. There is alarm if working pressure is abnormal or heating pipe fails.
5.Changing packing bag size rapidly.The width of manipulator can be adjusted quickly.
6.Equipped with plexiglass safety door.Machine shuts off immediately if door’s open, that’s for protecting safety of operator.
7.Using oil-free vacuum pump in order to avoid pollution.
8.Meet the hygienic standards for food processing industry.All parts which contact materials or packing bag are made of stainless steel or other materials in line with food hygienic requirements, ensuring food hygienic and safety.
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