high stability internal AC power source 3phase calibrator
1.Our History
Guangzhou GENY Electric Co., Ltd is a leader manufacturerof energy meter test products in China.It is professional in energy meter test system, energy meter portable test equipment and related accessory. The most advanced performance and accuracy is specially suit for energy meter manufacturer, government power department, energy measuring lab or institution.
GENY's predecessor is Guangzhou YANGCHENG Science & Technology Enterprises Co., Ltd., which established in 1987. It is the pioneer in energy meter test products. We are a hi-tech privately owned company which has import and export license. Now, after 28years of hard work, we have become one of the biggest manufacturers of electrical meter calibration equipment in the Chinese market. Our group has nearly 500 employees and 32,000 square meter factory in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, just 150 kilometers away from Hong Kong.
With 95% and 30% share in the Guangdong Province and the Chinese measurement and calibration equipment markets in 2002, we have continued to strengthen our position as the top manufacturer of these products. Nowadays, we have achieved an annual production capacity of 1,227 units in 2002. With superior quality and service, GENY products have gained a fine reputation among customers; therefore, we become a noted brand name in the domestic Chinese market.
We specialize in the production of single and three phase electric energy meter test bench/calibration/calibrator, multifunction portable calibrator, single and three phase reference meter / standard meter. In 2002, we have successfully passed the international quality certification ofISO9001:2000again. Now we have several hundred million RMB of annual sales to domestic and overseas markets. Besides, we have been rated as the "AAA" class of credit level by the China Bank of Industry and Commerce in 2002.
Our company has been devoted to providing customers with quality products and services. The goal is to make customers' dreams come true. At the same time, we have the faith in bringing you the large economy benefit and development. Please either take a look at our website for more detailed information, or contact us directly. We are looking forward to having the opportunity of working together with your company for mutual success.
Company Development History
1.1989, Single Phase Energy Meter Test Bench was developed and put into market.
2.1990, Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench was developed and put into market.
3.1992, achieved simultaneous operations of error meter and update display that greatly improved the efficiency of meter calibration.
4.1995, 0.01 class Electric Energy Meter Test Bench was developed. It was the first company in China who manufacturing 0.01 class EEM calibration equipment.
5.1998, the first company to apply the PWM power amplifier in electric energy calibration equipment successfully and realizing super power and high efficiency for calibration equipment.
6.2001, Digital Signal Processing technology was used in our signal source.
7.2002, 0.02 class standard meter was developed and put into market. We are the first company in China who been authorized to manufacture high class metering products.
8.2008, 0.01 class single phase standard meter passed the National Identification.
9.2009, 0.05 class standard power source was developed and put into market.
10.2010, 0.02 class portable standard meter was developed.
2.Our Product
Electricity Meter Test Equipment
Portable Test Equipment
Working Standard
Reference Standard
Power Source
Voltage Transformer
Current Transformer
3.Product Application
electricity science research institutes above provincial level
technical supervision bureaus and measuring centers (institutes) above provincial level.
electricity supply bureaus or utilities
Energy Meter Factories
4.Production Equipment
Highest reference standard meter: ZERA COM 3003
5.Production Market
From 1987 to now, we have manufactured various products and related accessories of energy meter test equipment and provided service of installation, repair and maintain for our local customers as follows:
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- More than 30 electricity science research institutes above provincial level.
- More than 20 technical supervision bureaus and measuring centers (institutes) above provincial level.
- More than 2300 electricity supply bureaus.
- More than 200 Energy Meter Factories.
2002, electric measurement department of Yangcheng separated from the company and established Guangzhou GENY Electric Co., Ltd. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yangcheng and keeps on manufacturing and sailing of electricity measuring equipment.1999, we sold Electric Energy Meter Test Bench to Schlumberger Co (France) and began the international business.
From 1999 to now, we have exported various products and related accessories of energy meter test equipment to more than 30 countries in the world.
Our customers are country-wide: More than electricity science research institutes above provincial level including China Nation's Electricity Science Research Institutes, North China Electricity Science Research Institutes, and East China Electricity Science Research Institutes; More than 210 electricity supply bureau above district level including Shanghai Electricity Bureau, Beijing Electricity Bureau, Chongqing Electricity Supply Bureau; More than 200 EEM manufactories. In the international market, many large companies also accept our products including Schlumberger (France), Landis+Gyr, Itron, EDMI, Secure Meter, Email (Australia), AMPY (UK), JNC, Namjun (Korea), Actaris (Spain), CETT, ADT, TTG (Vietnam), LEMZ (Russia).
6.Our service
We have more than 50 staffs who are specialize in energy calibration, micro-electronics, automatic control, computer programming and product structure. With laboratory equipment worth more than 1.1 million dollars and a sophisticate research team, ensuring the continuing innovation and development of product. System of quality measurement, quality control, logistic supply monitoring makes us good in product quality and after sales service.
We always help you with:
-Spare parts
For any service queries please contact us by following way
EmailConfusedzh@geny.cn(John Shen)
zhuohan.shen|John Shen|software engineer
kevinkar@live.cn|Garmen Jia|hardware engineer
WhatsApp:+8613609025617 (John Shen)high stability internal AC power source 3phase calibrator

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