18mm diammete finite angle rotary dampers China
We have a professional factory producing durable hydraulic axis rotary damper to ease down the toilet lid, welcome to wholesale hydraulic axis rotary damper for toilet seat  made in China and get its free sample with us.
Title: Hydraulic axis rotary damper To Ease Down The Toilet Lid.
Type: LF-18D
1.Hydraulic axis rotary damper application:
Hydraulic axis rotary damper can be applied on all kinds of home appliance, consumer electronic products and automobiles, such as vane rotary damper for toilet seat cover, axis rotary damper for washing machine cover. High precise torque rotary damper makes products more valuable with the smooth motion control that brings from rotary damper. Plastic rotary damper can make soundless, and with the smooth motion control function that rotary damper brings, it can also extend the life of products.The damping direction of the vane dampers with continuous rotation can be clockwise, counter clockwise, or in both directions.
3.Technical data:
Main parameters:
Shell materialRevolution axle materialDamping oilRevolution directionThe maximum rotation angleTorque range
PBTPBTSilicone oilCW/CCW110°8-25kgf.cm
Note 1):Nominal torque is measured value under temperature of 23℃,humidity of 80% when standard load falls off to 15°every second;          
2)Provide customized torque by changing viscosity of damper grease;
3)The maximum operating temperature scope of damper: -20℃-70℃
50,000 cycles. Even after this time, the dampers still produce over approx. 80 % of their original damping moment. The service life of 50,000 cycles may be significantly higher or lower, depending on the application. Much higher service lives have however been achieved in practice.
Vane rotary damper protect delicate electronics and extend the life of product by slowing down the speed to prevent lid and access panel closure damage.
High quality silicone oil sealing by ultrasonic tech, stable torque provided.
Axis rotary damper associate with push latch to up grade the value of products.
Customized torque is accepted according to customer’s request.
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