Organic Red Dates manufacturers
Boherbs Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier for providing certified organic and premium quality herbs, plant extracts and natural ingredients in the nutraceutcial, pharmaceutical, food and natural cosmetic industries. Boherbs composed by a team of well-experienced experts in health industries from March 2012. The founder of Boherbs were serving Chinese herbal medicine industry since 1999, professionalized in helping customers develop new plant ingredients, sourcing best quality herbs and plants, continuing developing organic herbs cultivation in China.
Boherbs has a full line of herb manufacturing facilities, which enables us to provide customers one-stop solution service, reduce customer purchasing cost and product contamination probability. All operations are under Chinese QS and GMP guidelines, as well as organic processing regulations.

Boherbs Corporate Philosophy

Mission:Following traditional cultivation, respecting natural law.
Vision: Sharing the essence of nature with the people around and all over the world.
Value: Protecting the environment and maintaining ecological environment sustainable development.

Boherbs product line:
Herbs & Herb Powder (Certified Organic & Conventional),
Plant Extract Powder
Contracting Manufacturing (Pre blend, Capsules, Tablet, Softgel, Pills, Teabags, etc.)

Boherb serving range in health industries:
Cosmetic & Personal Care ,
Dietary Supplement,
Food & Beverage.

With reputable service and high quality products, Boherbs won and got the worldwide approval during these years. 60% customers come from Europe,like Germany,France, Netherlands and Belgium ,30% are from USA & Canada ,the left 10% customers are from Asia & Pacific (Malaysia,Thailand,Australia).
To comply with all applicable legislation, regulations for environmental sustainability.
To cultivate and foster strong relationships within China and around the world with other individuals and organizations who share our environmental concerns, values and practices.
To ensure our staff adhere to all Sustainability,Policies and Practices.
To make our customers and suppliers aware of our Sustainability Policies and Practices, and encourage them to adopt similar Policies and Practices.
Green procurement practices, reasonable collecting for wild sources
To integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions
Organic Red Dates manufacturers

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