Slant Bed Lathe Machine
Name: JD36P slant bed high-speed CNC machine tool
Product introduction
The characteristics of the high speed, high precision, high rigidity, stability and reliability of the high speed CNC lathe.Adopt Taiwan famous brand roller guide rail, heavy cutting processing.The power head can be milling, drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, and car processing.
Main technical parameters
The maximum rotary diameter of the bedmmɸ500
The maximum turning diameter of a mopmmɸ200
Maximum Z travelmmStandard390/longer470
Maximum X strokemm600
Fast moving speedm/minX:24 z:24
Diameter of spindle holemmɸ56
Spindle motor powerkw5.5servo
Spindle speedrpm5000
Cutter areamm20x20
X, to the torque of the motornm7.7nb 7.7n
X, to connect the Z to the motor Straight league
X, to the z-bar specifications X:2510 z:3210
X, to Z to roller rail specifications X:25 z:30
Repeat positioning accuracymm0.002
Positioning accuracy (machine precision)mm0.01
The spring clamping specification ɸ65chuck M55drawn tube
Chuck specificationsmmɸ200/ɸ160(8”/6”)
Hydraulic rotary oil cylinder specification (hollow)-646(can pass ɸ46 within the bar)
Cooling water pump powerw220w
Machine weightkg≈2500
Machine dimensionsmm≈2150x1700x1800
Main configuration
Absolute value servo system of Beijing kaine emperor bus (or selected Taiwan)
Resin sand casting (domestic)
Main shaft (domestic brand or choice of Taiwan)
Automatic lubricating system (domestic)
Special bearing of screw rod (inlet)
Linear guide (Taiwan)
Hydraulic clamping system (domestic or selected Taiwan)
Blade rack (optional multi-station servo knife tower in Taiwan)
Main motor (servo motor)
Main electrical components (snyder)
According to the requirements of the customer, the selection

Equipment details

The main shaft maintenance should be paid attention to before and after maintenance
The following points should be noted before and after maintenance:
1. Be safe before maintenance.Ensure personal safety and equipment safety;Verify that the input power supply is completely disconnected to do the operation, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock.For example, the emergency stop button on the action panel should be quickly loosened.
2. Before maintenance, make proper use of the hygiene around the machine tool to prevent the disassembly of parts and wastes.See whether machine tool enjoys "county class" treatment, be affected by environment whether very big.
3. Before maintenance, relevant preparations should also be made.For example, whether the tools are at hand, whether there are clean rags, whether there are barrels or boxes of containers, mainly for fear that during the removal process, oil, water, etc., will be left on the ground.
4. Be familiar with the working principle of CNC system, driver, mechanical and electrical parts before maintenance.
5. Before the repair, should observe the product, to see if the product deformation, burr is big, is the cause of the blade gap big or knife shield, whether the operator caused by wrong operation and so on, to listen to the voice of the machine tool, machine tool has been stuck there is no clear in time, check whether the screw is loose, whether there is a shift phenomenon.The external solution, if the product is deformed, will consider the material problem.
6. In the maintenance, the simple problem should be started before the general special.
7. During maintenance, it should be divided into pieces to see if it is the problem of oil, water, electrical, mechanical, etc., to determine the direction of investigation.
8. When repairing, if it is to be removed, a positioning value should be removed. When it comes to the assembly problem, it cannot be removed directly, and the parts should be marked to prevent the change.In order to avoid "easy to break down, difficult to install", it is important to consider the precision of the machine tool.
9. After the repair, check the oil circuit, whether all the water is open, whether there is a tool to forget in the machine, and cause another failure.After confirmation, electricity, water, oil, etc., in operation, check if there are other problems.
10. The maintenance of machine tools is now "change work", because it can improve the production efficiency, shorten the average repair time, improve the maintenance level, replace the template, and then slowly repair.
11. During the actual maintenance process, there may be multiple failures at the same time. I feel that as long as the machine tool is repaired, a variety of methods will be used
Q: Are we a trading firm or a manufacturer?
Q: What’s our payment mode?
A: L/C, T/T
Q: Can machines be customized?
Q: How long is the warranty period?
A: 12 months.Slant Bed Lathe Machine

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